Here is an application update on the use of EBG Resistors in the growing smart grid marketplace. EBG Resistors are used primarily as divider resistors for sensing, monitoring and metering applications.
In metering and monitoring applications, EBG precision resistors have been used for years but now more than ever with the move to digital and controllable power monitoring. In applications where long term stability and low to no drift is a concern, EBG resistors are a good fit. The resistors typically used include High Voltage Cylindrical or Flat resistors such as EBG’s SGP/SSX cylindrical parts or FBX/FSX flat styles shown at right.
In sensing applications, EBG precision resistors are typically applied directly to the different voltage transmission lines, where they need to withstand high voltage loads and maintain tight tolerances and low drift under load. In the past these sensing applications have always been performed with a capacitive load. However, with more precise measurements being required by power generation companies, the capacitive load divider can no longer be used and resistive loads are now required. EBG is a great fit for these new requirements. The resistors mainly used in thse applications are larger, high voltage cylindrical resistors such as our SGP/SSX and 969 series. These can be customized for exacting TCR and stability requirements over a wide operating temperature range.
In "green energy" applications where resistors are used in the converter/inverter or controller areas of design, EBG resistors are widely used in photovoltaic and wind applications.